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Driving School in Kildare

Our driving school is well known for catering to the local communities in which we operate. Our highly professional and friendly instructors are present to cater to your driving needs in Leixlip, Maynooth and Celbridge. With the housing crisis in South Dublin and the surrounding areas, many people are moving into neighbouring towns in County Kildare. Our experienced instructors are available to meet you at your doorstep and will provide you with a pleasant experience of learning how to drive that will last a lifetime and get you on the road safely. Check out our Offers. We look forward to working with you!

Kildare Automatic Driving Lesson

Automatic cars offer you the ease of driving in stop and start scenarios. The transmission shifts more quickly and also reduces fuel usage. With this in mind, navigating your way into your office or to go shopping in Dublin becomes stress free while driving an automatic car. Our vehicles are fitted with brand new dual controls which makes your learning experience safer and easier. Learning to drive an automatic car is also easier for older clients, and allows them to gain their independence back and get on the road faster and safer. You are not just learning to drive an automatic car, you are also gaining road knowledge. It's a win-win situation for you. You can't go wrong!


  • Currently doing my lessons with Ola. He is a calming presence in the car, is very patient and calls me out on my mistakes which is for my own benefit. Looking forward to the rest of my lessons as I'm learning a lot from him. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

    Kevin O Sullivan Avatar Kevin O Sullivan

    It was such a pleasure to learn from Ola. He is such a motivated person with having the knowledge of all the technical details. Under his guidance, I learned a lot and he provided every bit of information about the driving. I am really looking forward to passing my test in first attempt. I highly recommend him for anyone, who is looking forward to pass the test in first attempt.

    Zeeshan Ahmed Tariq Avatar Zeeshan Ahmed Tariq
  • The driving test can be a frustrating and stressful experience, and it was for me until I found Ballymotoring. The instructor is always punctual, fair when it comes to giving feedback and he is an amazing teacher. I had issues with almost all the aspects of my driving and he was able to fix every aspect of it and ensured that I passed my test. I would highly recommend Ballymotoring, one of the best driving schools out there

    Kehinde Babatunde Avatar Kehinde Babatunde

    Very professional, patient and detail oriented driving instructor. I would highly recommend him, passed my test today. Thanks for all the help Ola!

    Dominik Zeligowski Avatar Dominik Zeligowski
  • Ola was a great instructor. I was very nervous starting but he built up my confidence. We did the 12 EDT lessons and then a few pre-tests. He was incredibly reliable and always on time. He identified where I was making mistakes and pulled me up on them. I passed my test first time thanks to Ola's help.

    John Conroy Avatar John Conroy

    Ola is a great instructor. He's very patient, always finds a way to explain things you don't understand. All feedback from him was very useful. And our lessons were fun. Highly recommended!

    Марина Ильиных Avatar Марина Ильиных
  • Had a lesson with Ola. He is extremely knowledgeable and taught me things about the road that other previous instructors never thought about teaching me. Very well mannered and friendly. Defiantly worth every cent!

    Terence Chan Avatar Terence Chan

    Ola is an absolutely fantastic teacher. If you want to pass your driving test this is the man you need teaching you. His knowledge, professionalism, patience and great determination to see his students pass first time around makes him an ideal choice if you need to pass your test. This man comes with my highest recommendation.

    Paul Ryder Avatar Paul Ryder
  • Great advice and tips given from the pretest session. Tips were explained and demonstrated. Ola made sure I understood the points he made. Super helpful and would definitely recommend.

    Carmen Eng Avatar Carmen Eng

    Did my 12 EDT lessons with Ola, no stress! Lots of laughing and says it how it is. It has taken me a long time to get to this point, very grateful to Ola. Thank you.

    Lorraine O'Callaghan Avatar Lorraine O'Callaghan
  • Ola is a great instructor. He is professional, patient and always on time. He will show you every small details and keep repeating those until you got it perfectly. I would highly recommend this guy for your EDT lessons. Thank you Ola for all supporting!

    Khanh Le Avatar Khanh Le

    I’ve had three lessons with Ola so far -and I’m very satisfied with them. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable and at ease than with previous driving instructors. I highly recommend.

    Zoe Mc Clurg Avatar Zoe Mc Clurg
  • I'm glad that I had Ola Bello as my ADI. I passed my driving test on my first attempt. Ola is very professional and knowledgeable about the rules of driving. His way of teaching is very simple and his instructions are easy to understand. Even though he is very strict about the learning and EDT classes, he makes the learning happy and fun. He is very patient and will explain you the mistakes and faults no matter how many times he has to explain to you. He taught me how to drive and what all rules to follow. He explained to me all the rules of the road. He is very punctual and will always be there for you before the scheduled class time. The best part is he gives practical tips for driving and instructs you in such a way that you get confidence before appearing for the test. He makes you fully prepared for the test and your chances are very high that you'll pass the test first time. I will highly recommend Ola to all the learner drivers in and around Dublin.

    Arjadip Das Avatar Arjadip Das

    Bello was an amazing instructor, he thought me all the things I needed to know when on the road, he would point out the mistakes I made during my lessons which would always help me to understand the mistake and improve on it. overall he was cheerful and a good driving instructor. after those 12 lessons he also showed me what I needed to watch out for when doing the driving test, he explained the tests marking scheme and showed me the major mistakes I should watch out for.

    Mykolas Kubilius Avatar Mykolas Kubilius

These are the areas we cover in Kildare

  • Leixlip
  • Maynooth
  • Celbridge