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Pupils are meant to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner when attending their tuition. Aggressive and abusive behaviour is not tolerated during the lesson. If such arises, the lesson will be cancelled and the affected pupil may lose his or her funds. Some cases may, however, be reported to the Gardai if the need arises.  Pupils are meant to come with their licence card and any other materials needed to facilitate the training. The lesson will not take place without it and you may lose your money.


An instructor can decide to reschedule any lesson if he feels a student is not fit enough to go ahead with the lesson or cancel the lesson if the pupil fails to disclose an inability to do a lesson. The Onus is on the pupil to disclose all illnesses and if unfit to drive-Instructor or the School be notified in due course except in cases of emergencies and in such both parties will bear the cost.


Pupils agree to pay either a deposit and or full payment before commencement of the lesson as per the period agreed. Fees may go up if the agreed dates of the lesson are overridden by the pupil.


Lessons dates can be rescheduled by the pupil minimum of 72 hours before the lesson date otherwise payment still applies. However, cancellations can be made a week before if the lesson had been booked weeks previous or 72 hours before the lesson date whichever applies.

Data Collection;

All personal data collected are for the use of providing purposeful and efficient services and such are kept for the period of our engagements with you and terms allowed by the GDPR.  We are not in any way or form to use your data for any advert or other purposes other than what is required to make our services efficient.


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