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BallyMotoring Driving School: Deal with 19% Discount

Insurance fees for first-time drivers impose a significant financial burden on both learner drivers and those who are new to driving. However, we have taken the initiative to alleviate this concern for you. Rest assured, you can expect to receive optimal insurance quotes by completing your Essential Driver Training with us or engaging in a minimum of 10 hours of driving lessons. Our insurance discount program covers both automatic and manual driving lessons, ensuring comprehensive coverage for whichever option you choose. Through a strategic partnership with DriveFirst, an esteemed entity under First Ireland Insurance Brokers, we are equipped to offer you the most suitable insurance deal, tailored to your specific needs and proficiency level. Upon successful completion of your driving lessons, you will be presented with a Certificate of Driving Tuition. This certificate serves as a testament to your accomplishment and provides a solution to address this matter. Join us on this journey towards responsible and cost-effective driving in Dublin, Kildare and Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown.